Bowie Drama and Voice Academy (BDVA) is a family run business, dedicated to quality education in Drama and Voice.

BDVA was founded by Deira Bowie BPA (hons), DipEd. Deira has studied voice extensively as a trained actor/ comedian and has been teaching since 2006. Deira is a sessional teaching associate at Monash University, where she delivers Voice training for pre- service teachers.

Bowie Drama and Voice Academy operates under two streams, Voice Maintenance and Drama Coaching.
Voice Maintenance:

Bringing awareness of Voice related issues to schools. Providing quality voice training and strategies that will maintain the Teachers’ voice in the classroom, reducing vocal injury in Australian teachers.

We provide Voice training to all professional voice users. Both group and private sessions are available. Contact us with your request to receive a quote.


Drama Coaching:

Unique Drama classes and coaching to suit your needs. Whether you want to do well in your drama solo, ace your next audition or just have fun while being creative and building confidence. If you are interested in holding a drama workshop or brushing up on your Shakespeare, we would love to meet your drama needs, no matter how fantastical. Contact us with any request to receive a quote.


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