Voice Maintenance for Teachers – In-service seminars

Vocal injury in teachers is a leading cause of sick leave in Australia.
Organise an in-service seminar to learn how to protect the teachers’ greatest tool in the classroom.

PDi approved professional development activity.

Bowie Drama and Voice Academy is a provider
of Professional Development in Voice Maintenance.
20% of teacher’s will suffer from a voice related injury and are 32 times more likely to receive medical voice treatment than other professionals. Voice Maintenance training is a proven preventative measure that increases knowledge and quality of voice in teachers.

The Voice Maintenancne PD focuses on the occupational health and safety of teachers and the effective learning of students. We cover how voice is created through a study of the anatomy and phisical exercises to give an understanding of how voice works and how to use it effectively in class to avoice injury.

Participants will work as a group to understand how the Teacher’s voice affects the student and effective learning. Working collaboratively with peers, Participants will look at recent studies and share their own experience in the classroom, while identifying problems and possible solutions.
Ongoing professional development is discussed through discussion of voice and daily routine while identifying other avenues to gain advice.

Participants are encouraged to be part of the school community, finding flexible ways of improving their teaching environment to reduce vocal strain and working collaboratively to find ways of planning that involves the teacher’s voice as a key component of the learning outcomes.

By the end of the session participants will have a knowledge of their body and voice production, an understanding of how their voice impacts the students’ learning and pro-active methods to share voice related issues with the teaching community.

Plus, Voice Maintenance Training is a proven stress reliever…ahhh.

Basic Package (up to 20 teachers):
x1, 2 hour Voice Maintenance workshop

Standard package (20 – 40 teachers)
x2, 2 hour Voice Maintenance workshops

Comprehensive package (up to 40 teachers)
x2, 2 hour Voice Maintenance workshops
x4, One-on-One 30min. sessions

For more information or to make a booking please contact us.


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